Package: kubernetes.plugins.gloo.solo.io

Source File: github.com/solo-io/gloo/projects/gloo/api/v1/plugins/kubernetes/kubernetes.proto


Upstream Spec for Kubernetes Upstreams Kubernetes Upstreams represent a set of one or more addressable pods for a Kubernetes Service the Gloo Kubernetes Upstream maps to a single service port. Because Kubernetes Services support multiple ports, Gloo requires that a different upstream be created for each port Kubernetes Upstreams are typically generated automatically by Gloo from the Kubernetes API

"service_name": string
"service_namespace": string
"service_port": int
"selector": map<string, string>
"service_spec": .plugins.gloo.solo.io.ServiceSpec
Field Type Description Default
service_name string The name of the Kubernetes Service
service_namespace string The namespace where the Service lives
service_port int The access port port of the kubernetes service is listening. This port is used by Gloo to look up the corresponding port on the pod for routing.
selector map<string, string> Allows finer-grained filtering of pods for the Upstream. Gloo will select pods based on their labels if any are provided here. (see Kubernetes labels and selectors
service_spec .plugins.gloo.solo.io.ServiceSpec An optional Service Spec describing the service listening at this address